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Monday, February 11, 2013

''Raytheon's "RIOT" Software Tracks Trillions of Pieces of Your Data on Facebook''

From Daily Tech

''Raytheon Comp. (RTN) has created a social networking tracking program called Rapid Information Overlay Technology -- or "RIOT", for short -- which is building a database of trillions of pieces of data on millions of users' social networking profiles.  The software digs into the usual suspects -- Facebook, Inc.'s (FB) ubiquitous social network, popular microblogging site Twitter, and FourSquare, whose location-aware apps boast 25 million users.''

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'Jim Willie on currency wars and the rejection of the US dollar'

From GoldMoney

Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Max Keiser on BoE Mark Carney and UK economy' (07Feb13)

From Liar Politicians

Jim Willie: ''Fever Pitched Currency War & USDollar Rejection in 2013''

The Latest from Jim Willie from Silver Doctors

''With Russia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, India, and Australia onboard with Chinese Yuan swap deals, one must suspect that a critical mass of perhaps half of global trade is conducted outside the USDollar shadow. This is a growing critical mass that acts much like scattered pylons on which to place a new trading platform. The key is that the collection of bilateral trade conducted by China is no longer done in USDollars. The objections are openly stated, that nations do not find it obligatory to settle trade in a third-party currency like the USDollar, especially when the US central bank is flooding the system with USDollars of highly suspicious origin but with very certain negative ramifications on the value of nationally managed reserve systems. The other big more recent hint is that Turkey is serving as a test site for trade settlement in Gold. Ankara bazaars are providing Gold in giant quantities, used in satisfying trade payments. So far the sleep Anglo bankers consider it minor, and operating in the Iranian shadows. They are wrong.''

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

''US media kept Saudi drone base secret for two years''

From The Telegraph

''It only came to light after a blackout on reporting agreed by the media and the Obama administration was broken by two US newspapers.

The revelation that the US has been operating a secret drone base in Saudi Arabia for the past two years came after a blackout on reporting agreed by American media and the Obama administration was broken by two US newspapers.''

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Monday, February 4, 2013

''Iran’s Pars gas field pipeline''


''The U.S, U.K, Turkey, and the European Union are determined to save the ailing Petro-dollar by preventing the completion of Iran’s Pars gas field pipeline, through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean. Should the Pars pipeline go online and remain under Russian, Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian control, then Russia would control approximately 40 per cent of Europe’s gas consumption, and with a Russian allied Syria, Russia would also be able to take part in the development of major gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin.

Neither Russia nor China will accept a repetition of NATO’s abuse of UNSC Resolution 1973 – 2011 on Libya, but neither will NATO compromise with Russia on Syria. NATO and the GCC are determined to install an anti-Iran/Russia government in Syria that will only provide gas from the GCC to Europe instead of Iranian gas. While the likelihood of the present conflict in Syria ending with a pro-GCC/NATO government ruling a docile Syrian population is negligible, there is a chance that if the Muslim Brotherhood gained control of a significant part of Syria then Western aims could be achieved. Even a chaotic Syria prevents Russian, Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian control of the gas lines to Europe and increases feasibility for the proposed U.S. backed Turkey–Austria Nabucco pipeline projectfor natural gas from Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.''

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''Pernicious influence: The world reserve currency – root of all evil?''

From Pakistan Tribune

''Dollar was as good as gold, just more liquid. Every country chose dollar treasury bills over holding gold, as holding T-bills paid interest. Gold didn’t.

The US started building its Military Industrial Complex and took on adventures like the Korean and Vietnam War, running huge fiscal and trade deficits, putting pressure on dollar’s fixed peg to gold. In 1971, Nixon was forced to close the gold window.

Dollar was no longer as good as gold, but it had already become a widely used reserve currency and the most liquid trading asset.''

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Friday, February 1, 2013

F William Engdahl: ''Mali and AFRICOM’s Africa Agenda: Target China

From Phantom Report
By F William Engdahl

''On January 20 Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron announced his country’s curious resolve to dedicate itself to deal with “the terrorism threat” in Mali and north Africa. Cameron declared, “It will require a response that is about years, even decades, rather than months, and it requires a response that…has an absolutely iron resolve…” [1] Britain in its colonial heyday never had a stake in Mali. Until it won independence in 1960, Mali was a French colony.''

''Mali itself, like much of Africa is rich in raw materials. It has large reserves of gold, uranium and most recently, though western oil companies try to hide it, oil, lots of oil. The French preferred to ignore Mali’s vast resources, keeping it a poor subsistence agriculture country. Under the deposed democratically-elected President Amadou Toumani Toure, for the first time the government initiated a systematic mapping of the vast wealth under its soil. According to Mamadou Igor Diarra, previous mining minister, Malian soil contains copper, uranium, phosphate, bauxite, gems and in particular, a large percentage of gold in addition to oil and gas. Thus, Mali is one of the countries in the world with the most raw materials. With its gold mining, the country is already one of the leading exploiters directly behind South Africa and Ghana. [6] Two thirds of France’s electricity is from nuclear power and sources of new uranium are essential. Presently, France draws significant uranium imports from neighboring Niger.''

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Keiser Report: 'Bond-Pocalypse Now' (E400)