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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

''The CIA-MI6-Mossad Brotherhood Trick Egypt With Muslim Trojan Horse''

From The Excavator
"The West's ability to install a Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, with it's substantial regional standing and influence would be a serious blow not only to Syria, but to Iran as well. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is already echoing calls by the US and Israel for "intervention" in Syria." - Tony Cartalucci, "US Struggles to Install Proxy "Brotherhood" in Egypt."

"The USA has got its candidate into power in Egypt." - Aangirfan, "USA Takes Over Egypt."
''Stuxnet and Flame are not the only viruses that have been created by the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies. The Muslim Brotherhood is perhaps Washington's most successful and dangerous virus that it has injected into the veins of the Middle East. It is an intellectual virus that destroys critical thinking among Muslims, excites their animal passions, and makes them act against their own interests.''

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