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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Best of TomDispatch: ''Chalmers Johnson, The CIA and a Blowback World''

From TomDispatch

''We’re living amid the detritus of a world changed radically by Washington’s Afghan decisions of the 1980s, and who knows whom exactly we’re arming at staggering cost (or blowing away) these days, laying the groundwork for yet more nightmares. Too bad no one listened to Johnson, who would have been 81 on August 6th, when he first put the word “blowback,” originally a term of CIA tradecraft, into our vocabularies with his trademark bestselling book of the same name.  If he were alive today, he would be grimly amused by a nation that preferred the possible road to bankruptcy and disaster to calling it quits and licking its wounds. He, like Gore Vidal, was a crucial analyst of of American imperial decline and he’s sorely missed. But today, briefly, he’s back with us, offering a history that, sadly, is as relevant now as it was in 2004.''

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