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Saturday, August 11, 2012

''Syrian Conundrum and Evolution of World System''

From Strategic Culture

''Anatole Kaletsky, a well-known financial analyst, holds an opinion that the state debt denominated in national currency (the US dollars – A.V.) doesn’t jeopardize the US economic security. (3) But the debt accumulation indirectly provokes protective measures on the part of creditors, that is de-dollarization of external payments, and it’s not only China, Russia and Iran who are consciously and actively involved in the process but the US strategic allies as well, for instance: Japan, South Korea and even Saudi Arabia.

The second phase of Arab political revolutions is inevitable; this time the Persian Gulf «oil monarchies» will be the targets. The process could be slowed down but it cannot be prevented. The involvement of some Persian Gulf states leaders into the Syrian conflict just speeds up the denouement – the «regime change» in the Gulf countries, dismantling other state structures in the «Greater Middle East» drawn on US maps and (political) fading away of a number of leaders (Western clients ) that are in power now… ''

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