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Monday, August 20, 2012

''The Kurds in Turkey have started a new war''

From 'There are no Sunglasses'

''Active participation in an undeclared war against the West, Bashar al-Assad may have for the most negative consequences of Turkey. A significant redeployment of troops from the separatist Kurdish areas in the district of Aleppo, led to increased militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Why Turkey is embroiled in an international conflict, bearing in his problems with the Kurds?

Turkey is on its south-eastern border is a bloody war with the Kurds fighting for independence since 1984 The conflict killed more than 40 thousand people. And now brewing a new round of fighting, marked the events of recent days. August 9 was attacked PKK rebels at a checkpoint in the western province of Izmir. One Turkish soldier was killed and seven wounded. August 11 PKK said it took control of the area Semzinan (Semzinan) in the southeastern province of Hakkari – on the border with Iraq, where Turkish troops was carried out in late July sweep. Finally, in the Sunday, August 12 Kurdish rebels kidnapped the Turkish parliament deputy near the town of Tunceli in the east.''

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