The American Empire in a Changing World


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

''Silver is money too''

From GoldMoney

''In order to understand the demonetisation of silver and later gold, one needs to explore the events in America of the period 1890-1913, which were dominated by Morgan, Rockefeller, Kuhn and Loeb interests. They wished to be able to charge interest on an exponentially increasing monetary supply – for obvious reasons.

During this time they went about setting the agenda for switching to a paper based monetary system by appealing to and bribing opinion leaders in politics, business and academia. Bound together by common interest, the elite went on to cheat the public. First they dealt with silver in the USA with the Gold Act of 1900. Then they joined their British and European counterparts to create the Commission for International Exchange, to convince the Third World that silver was not money, and that they should instead accept paper money backed by imaginary gold instead.''

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