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Monday, June 18, 2012

''Hard Love and Empty Promises: China’s Domestic Counterinsurgency in Xinjiang''

From Small Wars Journal

''China’s counterinsurgency campaign in Xinjiang has been effective so far, as its combination of military, economic and social policies have placated a restive population. Chinese officials see the insurgency as an existential threat to the integrity and security of the Chinese state, while the Uyghurs view the Chinese rule as repressive. However, because of a reliance on brutality to achieve its aims and the failure to deliver on many of the promises made to spread wealth more equally and offer more rights to the Uyghurs, calls for secession will not die out. Going forward, the frontlines of the battle will be on the Internet, where the Uyghurs have a strong online presence that helps unite and direct the diaspora.''

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