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Saturday, November 24, 2012

''Egypt ‘pharaoh’ Morsi faces youth juggernaut''

From Ahram Online

''The subdued nature of Cairo’s underground was interrupted Friday when the train stopped at the station located in the iconic Tahrir Square. A man in his 30s was berating Egypt President Mohamed Morsi with little opposition from passengers.

“Morsi thinks he is a prophet. No, even the prophet did not have such powers,” the man, bristling with anger, shouted after taking part in protests against a stunning decision by the president to maximise his powers.

“Didn’t he learn from what happened to Mubarak? He may face the same fate. It’s not that difficult. Another revolution is on the cards,” he added, excited to start a debate that never materialised. The glum-looking passengers had no appetite to either defend or attack Morsi.''

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