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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Yes to Life! No to Gold!" Indigenous Communities in Peru Struggle to Defend Land From Mining''

From UpsideDownWorld

''Behind the rhetoric of Peru’s economic boom and corporate social responsibility lies the struggle of indigenous communities to defend their land and their right to clean water

Máxima Acuña is one of the faces behind that struggle.

With a blue plastic sheet and an alpaca blanket wrapped around her shoulders, Máxima Acuña, 42, walked through torrid rain for 10 hours to appear in court in the picturesque Andean town of Celendin. From the splendid hills of Sorochuco, she tracked down slippery roads and winding footpaths to hear the case that the owners of the Yanacocha mine in northern Peru have launched against her and her family. It is not the other way around.''

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