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Monday, October 22, 2012

Andrew Jackson: ''The Irony of Paper Money''

remember this as you watch the 2 idiots debate tonite.....the foreign policy debate is really a debate about endless wars and debt servitude to wall street because the irony of the dollar (as reserve currency/petrodollar) is that even tho it has brought us great wealth and power it will ultimately destroy us.........

From 'Presidents By The Book Blog'

''Andrew Jackson was a populist and always was suspicious of power in the hands of the elite. He saw the bank as something that could buy influence of politicians (there was probably some truth to this) and something that was inherently undemocratic as it could print money without oversight of elected officials (also some truth to that)

He favored an economic system with gold and other precious metals as the currency. He felt that these are the only monetary instruments that cannot be manipulated by powerful interests.''

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