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Thursday, October 18, 2012

''Fiscal Cliff is Coming''

From GoldNews

''THE COMING financial meltdown will affect the global economy and the US will not escape, reckons newsletter writer Greg McCoach.

In this interview with The Gold Report, McCoach explains why he believes that, whatever happens, the precious metals are bound to fly, as investors scramble for tangible cover.

''The latest QE3 is open-ended, allowing the Federal Reserve to create money every month, indefinitely. QE3 was announced just a few weeks ago and already there is talk about QE4. So, in my opinion, this is the death spiral of the US Dollar.

The same thing is going on in Europe and Japan. It's very troubling and, in my opinion, totally unsustainable. But, trying to predict a timeline for the ultimate demise is almost impossible. This stuff could last another couple of years. Adding in the derivative problems on top of all this debt, it's just sheer insanity. So, where is gold going? It's going way higher because this is the ultimate dynamic that will guide the investment world for the coming years.''

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