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Saturday, October 13, 2012

''Google Routinely Blurs Map Images To Help Governments Hide Their Secrets, Even Old Ones''

a must read..............From 'There are no Sunglasses'
Intro by Peter Chamberlain

''The ongoing issue of Apple being asked to blur its images of a top-secret Taiwanese radar facility offered the opportunity for me to touch upon my ongoing attempts to expose the old Oliver North "secret Contra airstrip," located illegally in northern Costa Rica.  The documentation that I have posted below, in the form of snapshots, of the ever-changing Google Map images of this site, prove irrefutably that Google Maps are censored.  The site was first marked on a map, then it mysteriously moved to another site.  Next, a Google "expert" emailed me that I had identified the site wrong, allowing him to pull the pin from the map.  I then replaced it, changing the title of the pin to "abandoned jungle airstrip" and it remained in place.''

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