The American Empire in a Changing World


Monday, October 22, 2012

''The Crisis of Globalization''

From National Interest
By Robert W Merry

''Here at The National Interest, we remain always attuned to arguments that major changes are coming to the national political order and the prevailing global order. Some months back, we produced a special magazine issue under the rubric "Crisis of the Old Order." We argued that the Old Order, a remarkably stable and bounteous time fashioned through the crucibles of the Great Depression and World War II, was crumbling. The status quo, we said, could not hold, and a new order would have to emerge to replace the old.

The only question, we suggested, was how much disruption, economic travail and bloodshed would attend the transition from the old order to the new. On the question of economic travail, Smick seems to be saying it will be substantial.''

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