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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

''The Ultimate Bubble is Paper Money''

a must read...................From Gold Switzerland
By Keith Weiner
''Keith Weiner, the head of The Gold Standard Institute USA, explains in this exclusive interview for Matterhorn Asset Management, among other things: why he sees a permanent backwardation in gold coming; the role of gold as the cornerstone of investor’s portfolios; and the specific kind of gold standard he envisions for the future.''

 ''We are now close to a point of the collapse of the paper monetary systems and so, you don’t want to hold – so the problem with paper money is it is debt. If you think you have money ‘In the bank’, you actually have a credit obligation, you are a general creditor, unsecured creditor of the bank and the bank owes you the money. And what does the bank do? Well, they buy the government bond which means the government owes the bank the money. And so it’s just debt to debt to debt.''

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