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Monday, November 19, 2012

''Russia is facing tough competition from the international community in maintaining its sway over the Arctic but the biggest challenge comes from China''

From Russia & India Report
By Rajeev Sharma

''The Arctic is the new chess board of international strategic rivalries with Russia being on course to further beefing up its robust military presence in the region. Despite a rapidly dwindling population in past quarter century, the Russian Arctic still boasts of 80 percent of the four million population in the Arctic region. But the Russians are facing a stiff challenge from China. Much to the consternation and anxiety of Russia and other Arctic powers, MV Xue Long, China's lone icebreaker, sailed the Northwest Passage in August 2012. It was an event fraught with deep political symbolism that conveyed that China will not be on the fringe – even if it were to be a race for an obscure region.''

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