The American Empire in a Changing World


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

''The hidden hand of US foreign policy''

From The Voice of Russia
By Robert Bridge

''Four years ago, when Barack Obama was elected to the White House amid a storm of international enthusiasm, I would have been optimistic over the prospect of Washington acting on behalf of “global democracy.” The last four years, however, have severely dashed those hopes. The chances that the Obama administration would willingly consent to some sort of a “democratic debate” among Beijing, Moscow and Washington concerning national security issues - foremost missile defense in Europe - would require nothing less than a monumental political shakeup in the United States. Indeed, it would require the coming to power of a completely new political party that is not guided by the hidden hand of US foreign policy (I will not venture here to say exactly what body that hidden hand is connected to, but suffice it to mention various secretive organizations, the Bilderberg Group, for example, that are meeting behind closed doors).''

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