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Thursday, September 27, 2012

''In 2012, more soldiers have died from suicide than combat''

Ike was right, Beware the Military Industrial complex!!...............From The Guardian
By James Jeffrey

''The US army has instigated a service-wide "stand down" today, Thursday 27 September, so that soldiers can focus on suicide prevention training. In 2012, more soldiers have died from suicide than combat. The army isn't ignoring the problem and trying to be proactive. The same can be said for how the US deals with its veterans, which gives me pause for thought.

When I left the British army, in 2010, I became a veteran – though that is barely recognised or relevant in the UK. You become a straightforward civilian, severed from your military past. But when I went to study in the US, I discovered my veteran status was enthusiastically acknowledged and lauded.''

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  1. Indeed another extremely sad revelation following a decade of war. I guess it all because of increased stress after a decade of war. :(

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