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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

''The Cartel And Hedgies Are Short Paper, But Long Physical Gold''

From MilesFranklin Blog
By David Schectman

''The following bulletin from Jim Sinclair explains where gold is headed and who will benefit.  In typical fashion, Sinclair’s information is superb but his writing style isn’t exactly clear.  In fact, after reading it, my wife asked me what he meant by “7 touches”?  (See following bulletin)  Half a dozen years ago it was fashionable within the gold community to point out that a few bullion banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and a few friends) were always “short” gold. Sinclair stated then, that the bankers weren’t stupid and as the bull market advanced, the same bankers that were “short” would be the ones who were “long” and they would make a fortune on their gold holdings.  That’s right, they would be “long,” not “short!” ''

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