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Friday, September 28, 2012

''Why Putin called off Pak visit''

From Indian Punchline
By ML Bhadrakumar

''The Kremlin’s decision can be seen in many lights. The quadrilateral forum has lost its fizz. Russian-Tajik ties are meandering; Afghan-Pakistani ties are tense; Tajik-Pakistani ties are indifferent. So, where is the scope for Moscow to galvanize regional cooperation? And Putin is a purposive statesman who won’t like to measure life in coffee spoons. 
Then, there is continuing strategic ambiguity about the US’ regional strategy in Afghanistan and Central Asia. Things may become clearer only after the election in November in the US. Alongside, US-Pak relations, Afghan peace talks, etc. are also in a state of animated suspense. Most important, the jury is still out whether Pakistan is willing to turn conclusively away from its past policy of power projection into Afghanistan. ''

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